JRock goes to the world

My first experience of a J-Rock/Visual Kei concert in Tokyo

JRock goes to the world sign

Last Sunday, 06/06/2010 I went to my first Jrock/Vkei live concert. The venue is located at Shinkiba, Tokyo and is named Studio Coast. The concert’s name was “JRock goes to the world” and the reason for that catchy name was that the concert was being broadcasted live at the internet. The lineup was “LC5″,”Girugamesh”,”Mucc”,”Plastic Tree” and “Aoi project”.

If anyone knows a bit about JRock he will immediately recognize 3 good bands in there and this is the main reason I went there. More specifically I really like “Girugamesh” and “Mucc” so the concert was a very nice chance for me to see them live.
The doors opened at 16:00 and the show started at 17:00. Here is the sign of the venue

JRock goes to the world sign

It was quite a hot day. Japanese summer is hot and full of moisture so it’s not exactly the most ideal conditions for gatherings of large crowds ^^. Here you can see the people lining up to get inside the building.

Lining up

Now time to say something about the concert itself. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph it was being broadcasted on the internet so the bands tried to do their best so as to provide a good image. A kind guy in you-tube attempted to record the broadcasting but since the broadcast itself was laggy the recording has a very bad audio and video synchronization. Nonetheless I will give links to parts of the concert that each band played. So let’s see the bands one by one.

    LC5: The show opened with the “Mystery band” LC5. I don’t know who its members were. They did not play that much. I think they only played 2 or 3 songs. What I can recall about them though is that their vocalist was extremely nervous before the crowd. So nervous that he dropped the microphone stand at some point and generally he made lots of mistakes. That’s the image that has been left in my head about LC5.
    Mucc: After LC5 Mucc came into the stage and the crowd went berserk. It was obvious even before the show started that most of the crowd was fanatic Mucc fans. And Mucc did not dissapoint. Their performance was magnificent and they gave it their all. Here are parts of recorded Mucc performance:

    Aoi project: Next came Aoi project. I did not know that guy but it seems he is a singer from another band who was just going for a solo project. Unfortunately for him he came out just after Mucc so whatever he did would not be able to move the crowd as much as they did. To his credit he knew that and even acknowledged it when he introduced himself. What I really hated about him was that he was portraying this image of the clumsy cute guy to get the sympathy of the Japanese fan girls. He kept saying how he is doing his best and the Japanese girls all shouted Ganbare! Ganbare! I guess it was his style but it just wasn’t for me -.-
    Girugamesh: After him came Girugamesh. They also moved the crowd with their dynamic songs. They played many great songs and made the crowd headbang until they drop. I really loved their performance.The only disappointment I got from Girugamesh was that they did not play my favorite song “Kowarete iku sekai”. But anyway we can’t have it all I guess.Here are parts of the show with them playing:

    Plastic tree: Closing the show came plastic tree. It was my first time listening to that band and it was…interesting to say the least. Kind of slow and maybe a little bit of emo for my taste but interesting nonetheless. Their music was very good albeit a little slower than Mucc and girugamesh. The fans loved them and they gave a very good show too. Especially the singer with his eccentric clothing and movements. Moreover they were the perfect band to close the show with their slow songs.

All in all the show was great. I liked 3 out of the 5 bands that played and I also got to see 2 of my favorite Japanese bands live. Moreover I have realized something about Japanese rock. Most of the fans are girls. Something like 95%. Which is of course not bad…but it was one of the few times in my life when I actually felt tall, standing there surrounded by short Japanese girls :p As for the recording it’s quite unfortunate that there was this problem with the audio and video synchronization but there is nothing that can be done about it.

I will be sure to watch for more J-Rock concerts happening around Tokyo from those bands. When such a show happens I will defnitely go there too if I have enough time. Well then…let’s keep rocking! 🙂

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